How I Became an Artist

I’ve always had a love for artwork since I was little, and when I got old enough to decide what I wanted to do, I knew being an artist was the best way for me to make a career. While I wasn’t the best, I knew that with enough hard work I could be the best and that’s what I aimed for.

I was very good with drawing, namely because I could erase my mistakes, so I figured that would be a good way to get myself started. I began to draw like the wind, figuring out the things that were difficult and then moving to master them.

I found local art teachers and began asking them questions, trying to learn everything I could about how they got where they are and the successes and failures that they had in the process. Then I took those answers and self-taught myself.

Learning to draw was simple, but mastering it was hard, and to the bewilderment of both my parents and myself I spent almost eighty percent of my time not working on art but instead reading and watching videos about it!

Research was key as I not only researched what particular people were doing but also what made great drawing artists and pictures great. I figured that if I knew what type of trials and tips the pros had and used, then maybe I could draw from some of it… and yes that pun was intentional!

One of the most inspirational things I heard from a video was to imagine the entire world as if it was a painting, and if you see a scene such as a landscape, imagine how you would paint it. Would you use bright or dark colors? What part of the scene would you focus on? What is the light like and how would you draw it?

Also, seek to study and emulate others, but don’t become like them. As an artist, I learned that you need to have your own style and working on the art on your way. If you create your own style, you need to stand by it.

Finally one of the best ways to get better at your art is to make time for it every single day and work on it for a least an hour a day or every other day. It takes a lot of hours to become a master at something and art is no exception.

However, I know that if I don’t make art a complete and valued part of my life then I won’t ever be able to become better than I am, so even if it’s just one hour of sketching or doodling during my art time, I will make sure that I’m at least doing something to work on my artwork.

My journey of being an artist isn’t easy, and it isn’t going to get easier, but I certainly know it will be fun and I’ll do my best to be the greatest artist I can be.

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